The construction of a 5 Marla House demands careful and mindful planning. The current economic conditions of the country have rapidly raised the cost of construction, however, if you plan it right, you will be able to save a huge deal.

However, this entire procedure necessitates that you engage a trustworthy construction company, select the proper building supplies, work on the architectural and interior design and layout of the house, and, most significantly, make an appropriate financial plan. Therefore, we have calculated the total cost of building a 5-marla house in Pakistan.

Covered Area Calculations:

For this very nerve-wrenching experience of residential construction, the calculation-covered area can drive construction solutions. The covered area of a 5 Marla house is totally dependent upon the owner’s architectural preferences and best constructs. But typically, in Pakistan, it is 25 by 45, or 1125 square feet, in total for a single floor. Depending on the housing plan of the society or neighborhood, the covered space will be approximately between 1,925 square feet and 1975 square feet if you choose a double-story building. The three bedrooms, TV lounge, three adjacent bathrooms, two kitchens, and mumty are all included in the plan.

The most essential materials for construction include bricks, gravel, sand, rebar, and piping for electrical and plumbing systems. When building a house, you must also consider the expense of labor.

If your budget is tight, you must reduce the expense of interior or exterior home finishing. To save money, don’t utilize inferior materials for your house’s real structure and foundation, more or less the interior and exterior of the house could be modified later on however the structure and foundation could not be altered that easily.

The main building construction materials used for houses of all sizes are bricks, cement, sand, crushed stone, steel, crush, etc. The cost of bricks, cement, sand, steel, electrical and plumbing work, waterproofing, boundary walls, underground water tanks, and overhead water tanks are all included in the calculation of the cost of a house’s grey construction. The price varies depending on how much construction material is used. Below, is a step-by-step breakdown of the cost in relation to the overall quantities used.

1- Cost of bricks, sand, and crush, etc.:

Bricks, sand, and gravel cost between 8-10 lacs. The primary building material utilized to create the home’s structure is bricked. In order to build a building with 5 Marla homes, around 60,000 bricks will be needed. The pricing of the various categories of bricks on the market varies according on their quality. Make sure you use high-quality bricks for the construction. Currently, Brick Awwal also referred to as A-class bricks, cost 13 per brick. The price of bricks is therefore 780,000/-

The foundations of the five Marla homes up for sale must be built with sand. Both Ravi and Chenab sand is the most often used kind of sand in buildings. It is employed in the process of building dwellings.

Each cubic foot is sold for 27 rupees. 3,200 cubic feet of sand are necessary. Ravi sand would therefore cost 86400.

Ravi sand is thought to be inferior in terms of quality, whereas Chenab sand is thought to be more expensive. 700 cubic yards of sand, which costs 42 rupees per cubic foot, will be needed to construct the house. Thus, the price of sand in Chenab would reach about 29400.

Building floors and installing house crushes both require the expenditure of gravel. Margalla gravel is generally used to provide excellent work. However, foundation work also makes use of Sargodha gravel.

Margalla Crush is mostly employed in lintel and roof construction. The bare minimum needed will be 800 cubic feet, with each cubic foot costing 90 rupees. Therefore, the total cost would be 72000 rupees.

You can use Sargodha Crush on your home’s floors. 600 cubic yards of the required amount must be raised, and each cubic foot will cost 72-75 Rupees per square foot. The full price is Rs.45000. The cost of rori, which is utilized in building, is estimated to be around Rs.35,000.

2- Steel work and cement cost:

Steel will be needed on numerous steps in the greyish framework of the 5 Marla house. For the installation of window and door frames, as an illustration. The cost of Chougat steel is predicted to be around 72,000 rupees. A steel gate composed of 16 gauge will cost 84,000 rupees and will be required for windows with safety grills.

The total cost of the cement bags is 465,000 rupees. Due to the various brands, Kassu cement bag prices may vary slightly. Three tons of rebar or more, commonly also known as sarya, are required. The required grade of Sarya is 60-grade, and the cost per kg equals 220 rupees. Rebar will therefore cost a total of Rs.594,000.

3- Labor Cost:

Knowing the amount, you will spend in labor costs is crucial if you want to be able to estimate the cost of building the grey structure of the 5 Marla home. The price of construction supplies has gone up in Pakistan. The pay for builders in Pakistan, however, has not been considerably impacted. Costs for a double-story 5 Marla home is around Rs.839,375/-.

4- Cost of Plumbing and Electrical work:

Plumbing and electric work came to a total of Rs.300,000/- which includes gas, water, electric, sewage, and drainage systems are necessities in every home. It serves as a conduit for anything in the house that needs to be powered by electricity, water, or gas.

Note: you should always have a pocket for Misc. Charges include the water storage tank is one of the home’s additional costs. The price of a water tank made of cement and bricks might be around Rs.18,000/-

Additionally, it is crucial to get termite colonies removed, and it will cost 24,500 rupees. The house needs to be waterproofed, which will cost Rs.85,000/-.

The 5-Marla house’s grey structure’s entire construction cost is Rs.3,529,675/- Pakistani rupees, though it does vary from City to city, as the Construction Companies in Lahore are charging higher than small cities. Nonetheless, this budget could vary on the handling, only the best construction companies could save this much cost to you. An emerging residential construction company is taking a prominent mark in the industry called Alliance Solutions also has built affordable construction plans, so why not give them a try? Moreover, the cost of finished house is almost double the grey structure cost. However, it could vary according to your selection of material.

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