Building your dream home is not a piece of cake. There are so many steaming topics that are to be catered to. When someone wanted to start a house construction project, one question bothers the most: the labor rate in the construction industry. It plays a vital role to achieve what you actually desired. The majority of people are unaware of the market wage for grey structural labor in the building of houses. Let’s figure out together what exactly is contained in the grey structure.

Points in Agreement

One should always keep the following information in mind while starting the project of signing the contract for the labor services to construct the house.

Measurement of the Grey Structure at Home Labor Rate

Though it is an evolving market, especially in current circumstances, where there is political and economic instability, contractors are reluctant to even give quotation rates. But in the city of Lahore, Alliance Solutions offers all civil services at a very reasonable rate between Rs.450/- to Rs.480/-. Listed below are the jobs that are covered under this rate:

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  1. Are you working in Faisalabad if yes tell me i’m planning to construct my house in one canal give me your rates for full furnished home ???

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